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About — The vaguely legal stuff
Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, nor do I intend to ever become one. The following text should be considered a rough overview of the policies I try to adhere to when making use of the work of others, and of the policies I would like others to adhere to when reusing any content on this site.
One word of advice. If you have any issues, the best way to resolve them is through amicable dialogue. Threats, legal or otherwise, will not help your cause. :)
The use of protected resources on Bokeboke Island
From time to time, I may quote from another source or make use of a copyrighted image for the purpose of illustrating an article, blog post, etc. It is my belief that using material in this manner constitutes fair use and I will try to attribute such content where appropriate. However, if you are the copyright holder or have a vested interest in material that I have used on the site and object to its use, please contact me and (if you ask politely) I shall see that it is removed.
In the case of Creative Commons licensed material, I shall do my best not to infringe on the rights reserved by the licensor. Content currently in use and requiring attribution is listed below:
Taking original content from Bokeboke Island
(Note: In the case of material that is not mine, please respect the rights of the original creator.)
Areas of Bokeboke Island containing material on which I have reserved some rights (none at present) will be clearly marked. I would be grateful if you would heed the licensing terms.
As for the remainder of the site, if you would like to use any of the text or images you find on Bokeboke Island elsewhere (goodness knows why you'd want to), please feel free. Attribution would be nice, but I'm not going to come and hunt you down if you don't.
Links on Bokeboke Island
A number of hypertext links on Bokeboke Island link to external sites. I try to respect the policies of the sites I'm linking to, but if I've linked to content on your site and you'd like the link removed, please get in touch.
Linking to Bokeboke Island
Bokeboke Island has a "link free" policy - that means you're free to link to link to any page you like. If you're after a permanent link to a particular blog post, you'll find the URL in the title of the post in question. If you'd like a link banner for your site, you'll find one below.
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